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Information about State Representative Tom Sawyer

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Need a ride to the polls:

Please call 262-7534 or 265-7096

Where to vote on Election Day:

 Everyone who lives in the 95th House District votes at one of three polling places:


If you live south of Douglas** and west of Meridian Ave.* (precinct 404) you vote at:

CENTRAL COMMUNITY CHURCH-  6100 W. Maple St. (Please note that this is a NEW POLLING PLACE.  The SG CO Election Office changed this polling location from previous elections). 


If you live south of Douglas** and east of Meridian Ave.* (precincts 405, 406 or 408) you vote at:

West Side Church of God -Recreation Building in Back of the Church 1910 W. McCormick St.


If you live north of Douglas**  (precincts 602, 605, 614, 624) you vote at:

the Independent Living Resource Center located at 3033 W. 2nd St. N. 


If you are not sure which precinct you live in please call the Sedgwick County Election Office at 660-7100 to find out where to vote.

* If you live on Meridian Ave: You vote at CENTRAL COMMUNITY CHURCH if you live on the West side of the street (if you have an odd street address). You vote at the West Side Church of God if you live on the East side of the street (even street address).

**If you live on Douglas Ave:  You vote at the Independent Living Resources Center if you live on the North Side of the street (if you have an even numbered street address).   If you live on the South Side of the Douglas Ave. (odd numbered address) then you vote at West Side Church of God if you live east of Meridian and you vote at CENTRAL COMMUNITY CHURCH if you live west of Meridian.







Polling Place Hours


The Polls open at 6:00 am on Tuesday, November 8 and close at 7:00 pm.  If you are not in line by 7:00 pm you CAN NOT vote.


If you show up on time to vote but you are not on the voter registration list at the polling place, or if you do not have the proper photo id on you, you should request to vote by PROVISIONAL BALLOT.  By law they must allow you to vote by PROVISIONAL BALLOT.


If you have any problems voting at the polling place, please call Tom Sawyer at 265-7096.



"Democratic incumbent Tom Sawyer is the clear pick in this west Wichita district, for his vast experience and consensus-building skills..." -2006 Wichita Eagle Editorial Endorsement 10/26/06


Countdown until Election Day!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 is ELECTION DAY!