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Tom Sawyer fights for Jobs in Wichita!       


As a youngster, Tom Sawyer started his own business selling candy and books from his room.  Years later, Tom would start his own successful small business.  He understands the value of hard work and good paying jobs. 

When Tom Sawyer previously served in the Kansas House he worked hard to bring jobs to Wichita. And when he found out the state of Kansas was out sourcing call center jobs to India, he offered an amendment in 2004 that put a stop to it!  Now when you call a state agency, a Kansan will answer the phone.

Now Tom would like to return to Topeka to help to once again bring more high paying jobs to Wichita.  He has a 5 oint plan to help create more Kansas jobs.

Bringing High paying Aircraft Maintenance Jobs to Wichita!

Tom Sawyer helped pass a bill in 2004 that brought hundreds of new high paying aircraft maintenance jobs to Wichita.

Bringing New Bio Science Jobs to Wichita!

Tom Sawyer supported the 2004 Bio Sciences Bill that is already bringing new high paying jobs to Wichita and should bring a lot more in the future!

Bringing New Aviation jobs to Wichita!

In 2007 Tom Sawyer supported a bill to amend the Economic Revitalizationand Reinvestment Act that brought some new aviation jobs to Wichita and kept us from losing some of our current jobs in the Aviation industry. 

 Helping Small Businesses to succeed! 

Most new jobs in Kansas are created by small businesses.  Kansas has had an unfair tax that hit small businesses particularly hard- The Kansas Franchise Tax.  In 2007, Tom Sawyer supported a bill that cut this tax and began to phase it out.  Since 2011, this burden on small businesses is completely gone!


Tom Sawyer's 5 point plan to create jobs in Kansas

  1. Pass the Hire Kansans First Act to invest in Kansas businesses and workers.  This act would require any contractor doing business with the state to hire at least 70% of their workers from Kansas.  Tom Sawyer feels that jobs supported by Kansas taxpayers should go to Kansans first especially when so many of our neighbors are out of work.
  2.  Protect the T-works Highway Program, which will create over 175,000 jobs over the next 10 years.
  3.  Offer tax credits to small businesses that offer apprenticeship programs.
  4.  Create resources for small businesses to promote equality and remove economic barriers
  5. Promote Wind Energy in Kansas.  Since we passed the Renewable Portfolio Standards in 2009, 13,000 new wind energy jobs have been created in Kansas.  We have the 3rd most amount of wind than any state in the Union..  We need to take full advantage of this natural resource.






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