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Tom Sawyer has fought for and delivered tax relief for Kansas Families and Seniors

Cut Our Property Taxes-  U

In 1992, Tom Sawyer led the effort that cut our property taxes in Wichita by


Cut Our Car Taxes-   I

 In 1994, Tom Sawyer had a plan to cut our car taxes in half over 5 years.  Thanks

 to his and others leadership, we now pay 50% less in car taxes than we used to pay!


Provided Property Tax Relief for Homeowners-

Tom Sawyer led the effort in 1996 that gave us the Homestead exemption, which cut every homeowners property taxes.  He also helped pass a plan that reduced the state-wide property tax mill levy from 35 mills to 20 mills!

Lowered Income Taxes for Struggling Working Families- 

In 1998, Tom Sawyer led the effort to increase the personal exemption for all Kansans and to implement an Earned Income Tax Credit in Kansas.  The Kansas Earned Income Tax Credit cut the income taxes for all families making less than $35,000 a year.  In 2007 he helped pass a law that increased this tax cut by 13%!

 Unfortunately the current legislature took away some of this tax relief for working families to help fund the reckless 2012 tax plan that exempts over 330,000 business owners from paying Kansas Income Tax.

Provided Tax Relief for Struggling Seniors- 

In 1998, Tom Sawyer also led the effort to double the sales tax refund and greatly increase the Homestead Tax Refunds provided to people over 55, the disabled, the blind and families struggling to make ends meet.  In 2007, He helped pass another bill that increased the Homestead Refunds again!  Again unfortunately in 2012 the Kansas Legislature took back some of these gains to help pay for their reckless 2012 tax plan.

Got rid of Unfair Taxes- 

In 2004 the Legislature passed a new tax on people who sold their old cars, Some people even had to pay more in tax than they paid for the car.  The value that the tax was based on had nothing to do with the sales price of the car, it was based on a table set by the state.  In 2005 Tom Sawyer successfully fought to repeal this unfair tax, getting refunds for thousands of Kansans.

Tom Sawyer on the house floor leading the debate against the huge 2015 tax increase.  Unfortunately he lost that battle as the pro Brownback forces were able to get the minimum number of votes needed to give Kansas the second highest tax on food in the nation. Tom Sawyer is dedicated to reducing and eventually eliminating the Kansas sales tax on food. Kansas is one of just 14 states that still tax food at all.

Protected the Homestead Exemption-

In 2006, Tom Sawyer helped defeat an effort to kill the Homestead Exemption.  Killing the Homestead Exemption would have raised our property taxes.  Tom Sawyer led the effort in 1996 which gave us the Homestead Exemption.  He wasn't about to let it die.

Ended the State Taxation of Social Security Benefits for most Kansans- 

In 2007, Tom Sawyer helped pass a bill that eliminates Kansas income tax on Social Security Benefits for all seniors with an adjusted gross income of $75,000 or less!

Over $1 billion in tax cuts supported by Tom Sawyer and enacted into law just from 2005-2008

Including 3 of the tax cuts listed above (Repeal of the sales tax on clunkers, ending the state income tax on Social Security benefits and increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit) Tom Sawyer has supported over $1 billion in tax cuts that have been enacted into law just from 2005 to 2008 alone. 

Many of these tax cuts were wisely phased in over several years, but once they were all fully implemented, the accumulated total of just these tax cuts total over $1 billion.

 In 2016 Put a Lid on Property Taxes-

This year Tom Sawyer was part of a bi-partisan group of legislators that developed a Property Tax Lid bill to keep our property taxes from going higher.  Their bill passed with huge bipartisan majorities in both the House and Senate.  He believes that local governments should not be allowed to increase property taxes beyond reasonable and natural growth without being subject to a vote of the people.  That is what the newly passed property tax lid does.

Unfortunately The current legislature also continues to pass bills that are shifting more of the tax burden onto to local property taxes.  They are doing this because the reckless 2012 tax plan has left the state short of revenue.  Tom Sawyer believes that this is wrong and will make it difficult for senior citizens to stay in their homes and for working families to be able to afford their homes.  He will work to end this reckless tax plan to return financial stability to our state and end this horrible shift onto local property taxes. 

Provided Taxpayers Due Process Rights in Tax Disputes- 

In 2014 Tom Sawyer was part of a group of bipartisan legislators that passed a comprehensive Taxpayer Rights Bill to help taxpayers dispute unfair tax assessments.  In 2016 the bipartisan group of lawmakers worked on and passed SB 280 which clarified and updated these reforms.  In all, this comprehensive tax bill contained 16 reforms covering all taxpayers.  The provisions cover contested property tax, sales tax and income tax disputes.  

Unfortunately Governor Brownback vetoed this important pro-taxpayer bill.  Fortunately Tom Sawyer and his fellow tax conference committee members were able to convince the full legislature to easily override the governor's veto.  SB 280 is now law. 

Fighting to End the Sales Tax on Food-

Tom Sawyer has long called for the elimination of the sales tax on food.  After we repeal the reckless 2012 tax plan and the economy improves and the budget can absorb it he will once again push to eliminate this unfair tax.

A summary of the over $1 billion in accumulated tax cuts that Tom Sawyer supported and have were enacted into law between 2005 to 2008. (Tom Sawyer's last few years in the legislature before he returned again in 2013).


Estimated Fiscal Notes for Selected Tax Cuts Supported by Tom Sawyer and Enacted from 2005 to 2008.
 ($ in millions)
SessionBill #Brief DescriptionFY 2005FY 2006FY 2007FY 2008FY 2009FY 2010FY 2011FY 2012FY 2013thru FY 13
2005SB 256Inc Tax Exemption-Military Recruitment Bonuses$0.000-$0.587-$0.622-$0.660-$0.699-$0.741-$0.786-$0.833-$0.883-$5.810
2005SB 133Homestead Program - Indexation$0.000$0.000-$0.025-$0.050-$0.075-$0.100-$0.125-$0.150-$0.175-$0.700
2005SB 23Repeal of "Clunker" Sales Tax on Used Vehicles-$5.000-$5.175-$5.356-$5.544-$5.738-$5.939-$6.147-$6.362-$6.584-$51.845
2005SB 138Certain Tax Credits-$0.500-$0.500-$0.500-$0.500-$0.500-$0.500-$0.500-$0.500-$0.500-$4.500
2005HB 2040Sales Tax Ex - Hearing Aid Repair$0.000-$0.093-$0.096-$0.100-$0.103-$0.107-$0.110-$0.114-$0.118-$0.842
2005HB 2222Indiv Devolpment Account Program-$0.503-$0.503-$0.503-$0.503-$0.503-$0.503-$0.503-$0.503-$0.503-$4.527
2006SB 404Numerous Sales Tax Exemptions$0.000$0.000-$12.702-$15.448-$17.291-$8.173-$8.630-$10.087-$11.546-$83.877
2006HB 2583Machinery and Equipment tax phase out$0.000$0.000-$3.500-$27.162-$42.737-$58.905-$63.698-$62.729-$68.869-$327.600
2007HB 2031Social Security Exemption & EITC Expansion$0.000$0.000$0.000-$12.900-$19.400-$21.300-$23.400-$25.800-$26.135-$128.935
2007HB 2171Sales Tax Exemptions - Various$0.000$0.000$0.000-$0.650-$0.673-$0.696-$0.721-$0.746-$0.772-$4.258
2007HB 2240Sales Tax Ex - Repair of Transmission Lines$0.000$0.000$0.000-$3.000-$3.387-$3.506-$3.629-$3.756-$3.887-$21.165
2007HB 2476Homestead Program Expansion$0.000$0.000$0.000-$10.500-$11.000-$11.600-$12.200-$12.800-$13.500-$71.600
2007HB 2264Franchise Tax Phase Out$0.000$0.000$0.000-$7.000-$16.500-$26.500-$37.000-$48.000-$50.000-$185.000
2007HB 2004Various Tax Credits$0.000$0.000$0.000-$4.100-$4.100-$4.100-$4.100-$4.100-$4.100-$24.600
2007HB 2540Business Disaster Sales Tax Relief$0.000$0.000-$0.400-$1.600$0.000$0.000$0.000$0.000$0.000-$2.000
2008HB 2434Various Income, Sales and Property Tax Provisions-$114.992
Total These Bills-$6.003-$6.858-$23.704-$89.716-$122.706-$142.670-$161.549-$176.479-$187.573-$1,032.251



Unfortunately the 2012 legislature's irresponsibility is leading to a huge budget deficit, which puts all of these tax cuts in jeopardy.  Tom Sawyer wants to return to Topeka to help solve this financial crisis before it gets worse.  He wants to work with Republicans and Democrats to save not only the tax cuts for working families and seniors but funding for our children's education and other vital programs as well. 


The State Budget should reflect our values

Tom Sawyer feels that the State Budget should reflect our values. He feels that the State should budget more like a family:  A family lives within its means while taking care of its children and seniors.

Tom also feels that the State should pay its debts off during the good times so that we won't have to raise taxes or cut vital programs during the bad times.

During his years in the legislature, Tom Sawyer consistently fought to lower taxes on the middle class and senior citizens.

In 2016 Tom Sawyer worked with a bipartisan group of legislators to implement a Property Tax Lid to keep our Property taxes from going higher.  And when it becomes economically feasible, he will fight to eliminate the sales tax on food.  Based on his great record of cutting taxes, he will get the job done!

Unfortunately in 2012 the  legislature passed an irresponsible tax plan (that eliminated income taxes for some very wealthy Kansans while raising taxes on some working families and senior citizens) that is causing a huge budget deficit, which puts all of the tax cuts that Tom Sawyer has worked so hard to pass in jeopardy.  

Tom Sawyer wants to return to Topeka to help solve this financial crisis before it gets worse and jeopardizes not only the tax cuts for working families but our children's education and other vital state programs as well.