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2016 Wichita Eagle Endorsement:

Incumbent Democrat Tom Sawyer is the best choice in this central Wichita district. Sawyer has extensive political experience, including having served as House majority leader and as the Democratic nominee for governor in 1998. He works across party lines to reach solutions- the type of lawmaker we need in Topeka. He would deal with the budget shortfalls by cutting waste and improving efficiency and by eliminating the tax exemption on pass-through business income. "We need all Kansans to pay their fair share," he said.

2012 and 2014 Wichita Eagle Endorsements

2014 Wichita Eagle Endorsement:

Democratic incumbent Tom Sawyer is the clear choice in this central Wichita district. Sawyer has extensive political experience, including having served as House majority leader and as the Democratic nominee for governor in 1998. He is also active in the community, having served on many civic boards and committees. He thinks the biggest state issues are the budget problems and improving funding for education. Sawyer is a respected and needed voice for common sense in Topeka.

2012 Wichita Eagle Endorsement

"Voters in this west-central Wichita district should return longtime Democratic legislator Tom Sawyer to the House after his stint on the now-disbanded Kansas Parole Board. Sawyer is a former House majority and minority leader and was his party?s gubernatorial nominee in 1998. His knowledge, experience and balanced, commonsense approach to lawmaking would be invaluable next session, when so many legislators will be new.

Republican Benny Boman has had a weak first term, tilting at windmills like Agenda 21 and favoring tax cuts at all costs."

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What Newspapers have said about Tom Sawyer



"Democratic incumbent Tom Sawyer is the clear pick in this west Wichita district, for his vast experience and consensus-building skills..." -2006 Wichita Eagle Editorial Endorsement 10/26/06


"Some play politics, but I'm not like that, Sawyer says, and his record in the legislature backs that up." -Wichita Eagle Editorial endorsement 10/25/2002


"Mr. Sawyer, a Wichita accountant, is the sort of citizen advocate you'd like to see in every race at every level of government.  He is a quick mind.  He's informed and opinionated.  He comes up with good ideas, then sticks with them.  He's also a nice guy with an engaging enthusiasm and respect for public service."  -Wichita Eagle Editorial,  1998


"Democratic incumbent Rep. Tom Sawyer is the clear choice...He is an experienced lawmaker and excellent advocate for Wichita."  -Wichita Eagle Editorial Endorsement 10/21/04


"Tom Sawyer is a class act.  He deserves our thanks." - Hutchinson News Editorial 1998


"...Mr. Sawyer was minority leader of the Kansas House before resigning in 1998 to run for governor against Bill Graves.  While he was in leadership, some party members grumbled that he wasn't partisan enough.  But that is what made him so effective.  And since returning to the Legislature two years ago, he has continued to reach across the aisle to get things done."  -Wichita Eagle Editorial 10/21/04


 "The 1992 Legislature ranks with the most productive in history, certainly the most productive in 25 years."  -Lew Ferguson,  AP 1992 (Tom Sawyer was the House Majority Leader in 1992


"Kansans who've believed that politicians care more about special interest groups than ordinary folks now have good reason to reassess their position.  The Kansas Legislature on Thursday passed a tough ethics reform bill that would make it much harder for legislators and other state officials to get away with ethically questionable behavior.....

....Much of the credit for this success goes to Rep. Tom Sawyer.  D- Wichita, the House's top ethics negotiator.  He and his colleagues had to give ground on some issues to get a bill passed.  But what remains is significant.  The Legislature did well to pass a bill that dramatically increases members' accountability to the people of Kansas....."     -Wichita Eagle Editorial:  GOOD JOB Ethics bill makes officials more accountable to the public  (May 4, 1991) 





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