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Summary of just the Tax Cuts supported by Tom Sawyer and enacted into law from 2005 to 2008 

Following is a chart of the Fiscal Impact of the Tax Cuts supported by Tom Sawyer and enacted between 2005 and 2008.   The accumulated total of just these tax will total over $1 billion once they are all fully implemented by 2013.


Most of the biggest tax cuts passed into law with Tom Sawyer's help occured before 2005 and are not included in this table: The 1992 Property Tax Reduction -that cut our property taxes in Wichita by 29%, further property tax cuts in the mid 1990s, Cutting Vehicle Taxes in half in 1995, The enactment of the Homestead Exemption in 1996, enactment of the Earned Income Tax Credit, and enhancements in the Homestead Refund  and Sales Tax Refund programs; to name a few of the biggest Tom Sawyer supported tax cuts enacted prior to 2005.

Estimated Fiscal Notes for Selected Tax Cuts Supported by Tom Sawyer and Enacted into Law from 2005 to 2008
 ($ in millions)
SessionBill #Brief DescriptionFY 2005FY 2006FY 2007FY 2008FY 2009FY 2010FY 2011FY 2012FY 2013thru FY 13
2005SB 256Income Tax Exemption-Military Recruitment Bonuses$0.000-$0.587-$0.622-$0.660-$0.699-$0.741-$0.786-$0.833-$0.883-$5.810
2005SB 133Homestead Program - Indexing of the Refund$0.000$0.000-$0.025-$0.050-$0.075-$0.100-$0.125-$0.150-$0.175-$0.700
2005SB 23Repeal of "Clunker" Sales Tax on Used Vehicles-$5.000-$5.175-$5.356-$5.544-$5.738-$5.939-$6.147-$6.362-$6.584-$51.845
2005SB 138Certain Tax Credits-$0.500-$0.500-$0.500-$0.500-$0.500-$0.500-$0.500-$0.500-$0.500-$4.500
2005HB 2040Sales Tax Exemption - Hearing Aid Repair$0.000-$0.093-$0.096-$0.100-$0.103-$0.107-$0.110-$0.114-$0.118-$0.842
2005HB 2222Individual Devolpment Account Program-$0.503-$0.503-$0.503-$0.503-$0.503-$0.503-$0.503-$0.503-$0.503-$4.527
2006SB 404Numerous Sales Tax Exemptions$0.000$0.000-$12.702-$15.448-$17.291-$8.173-$8.630-$10.087-$11.546-$83.877
2006HB 2583Machinery and Equipment tax phase out$0.000$0.000-$3.500-$27.162-$42.737-$58.905-$63.698-$62.729-$68.869-$327.600
2007HB2031Exempting Social Security from Income Tax & EITC Expansion$0.000$0.000$0.000-$12.900-$19.400-$21.300-$23.400-$25.800-$26.135-$128.935
2007HB 2171Sales Tax Exemptions - Various$0.000$0.000$0.000-$0.650-$0.673-$0.696-$0.721-$0.746-$0.772-$4.258
2007HB 2240Sales Tax Exemption - Repair of Transmission Lines$0.000$0.000$0.000-$3.000-$3.387-$3.506-$3.629-$3.756-$3.887-$21.165
2007HB 2476Homestead Program Expansion$0.000$0.000$0.000-$10.500-$11.000-$11.600-$12.200-$12.800-$13.500-$71.600
2007HB 2264Franchise Tax Phase Out$0.000$0.000$0.000-$7.000-$16.500-$26.500-$37.000-$48.000-$50.000-$185.000
2007HB 2004Various Tax Credits$0.000$0.000$0.000-$4.100-$4.100-$4.100-$4.100-$4.100-$4.100-$24.600
2007HB 2540Business Disaster Sales Tax Relief$0.000$0.000-$0.400-$1.600$0.000$0.000$0.000$0.000$0.000-$2.000
2008HB 2434Various Income, Sales and Property Tax Provisions-$114.992
Total These Bills-$6.003-$6.858-$23.704-$89.716-$122.706-$142.670-$161.549-$176.479-$187.573-$1,032.251

The accumulated total of just these tax cuts alone supported by Tom Sawyer & enacted into law from 2005 to 2008 will total over $1 billion dollars once they are fully implemented in 2013!